Putting words to work with Dragon Professional Anywhere

Work better, faster and smarter with accurate dictation and transcription

Dragon Professional Anywhere

Cloud-based Speech Recognition

Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) is a cloud-based Speech Recognition solution that allows business professionals to create high-quality documentation using their voice. Get started with DPA today – no need for additional IT staff; Dragon Professional Anywhere is a simple one-click installation and unlike other desktop versions, requires very little space on your CPU so you need not worry that your PC is completely up to spec.

Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere is:

Highly Accurate

Intuitively Simple to Use

Cost Effective

Dragon Professional Anywhere Mobile

Dragon Anywhere Mobile

Create documents of any length and edit, format and share them directly from your mobile device


Work better, faster and smarter with accurate dictation and transcription

Hands-free convenience with wake-up word and always

No limit on productivity

Speak freely and as much as you like with no per user limits – business professionals can stay productive anywhere and focus on the business rather than the technology.


Greater flexibility with resiliency mode

Protects against interruptions and allows users to continue using basic speech services if the Nuance Management Server (NMS) database becomes unavailable.

Fast and Accurate

Fast, accurate and highly customisable

Fast, extremely responsive, and highly accurate out-of-the-box enterprise speech recognition with speech profiles that can be easily accessed across multiple devices.


Easy to install and maintain

No complex configurations, one-click installation, and automatic updates mean less work for your IT staff, less hassle for your employees, and users can be up and running within minutes.

Central User Administrator

Central user administration

The Nuance Management Center makes it easy to track employee usage of Dragon, redistribute licenses based on usage, and manage or share customizations, including custom words, commands and auto-texts, across multiple users.


256-bit encrypted data

The clients connect to a server component that is installed using 256-bit encryption. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest