FAQs: Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere | Cloud-based Speech Recognition

Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere and Dragon Medical One is a brand new cloud-based Speech Recognition application that provides users with the world’s most powerful speech recognition engine for front-end dictation. Voice Recognition Australia haa put together this short FAQ-style article to help our customers determine if this package is going to suit their needs for fast and accurate documentation. Long story short – it most definitely will if you are looking for an intuitive and lightweight tool that can be installed instantaneously at the push of a button.

Download the PDF overview here…

A: Users can purchase an annual subscription to Dragon Professional Anywhere. The software can be used on any Windows PC or tablet (within three minutes) and puts little strain on the machine’s CPU. This essentially means you can use speech recognition on any Windows device, anywhere with the highest levels of accuracy as your voice profile is stored in the ‘cloud’.

For those with reservations regarding cost here is some context: for the same price as a monthly subscription to Dragon Pro Anywhere (UNLIMITED USAGE), a transcription service will provide text documents transcribed from only 18 minutes worth of dictation with a 24-hour turnaround period. For those outsourcing their transcription, this is an ideal cost and time-saving alternative.


A: Dragon Pro Anywhere allows you to create documents via front-end speech recognition. Users are able to dictate directly into their PC and receive an instant transcription of their speech. This can be used for composing emails, conducting web searches, creating reports, letters and any other type of documentation you require. 
Dragon Medical One works in all windows applications PLUS your EHR medical records software. Dragon Medical One also has a massive medical vocabulary that is essential for medical professionals.


A: Yes, Dragon Professional Anywhere is fully secure via 256-bit AES encryption; today’s industry standard for file encryption. User data is encrypted during transfer and storage. 

A: Unlike other larger locally installed software packages, Nuance Dragon Pro Anywhere is ‘lightweight’ and requires little installation. The software is updated automatically meaning that users will never have to worry about running the most up-to-date version of Dragon Professional Anywhere. See the recommended system requirements below.

– 32 bit: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
– 64 bit: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016
– Processor speed: minimum 1.7 Ghz  |  recommended: 2.8 Ghz
– RAM: minimum 512 MB  |  recommended 2 GB
– Web Browsers: IE 11+, Chrome v65

A: Yes. We provide Dragon Professional Group and Cloud licenses for multiple users along with installation and maintenance. See our pricing structure for Dragon Professional Anywhere volume licensing here. Call on 0121 456 7800 or get in touch at sales@dictaphones.co.uk for more information.

A: Dragon Professional Anywhere can be used only for front-end Speech Recognition. For users who want to make use of background recognition (where the software transcribes a pre-recorded audio file into a text document) users should opt for the locally installed product Dragon Professional Individual.